5 Types of Small Business That Love Invoice Finance

We love SMEs. There, we said it. We know it’s cheesy but it’s true.

Small businesses and invoice financiers are good for each other - you’re good at delivering and creating wonderful things for other businesses of the world. We’re good at financially supporting you while you do more.

We love working with SMEs of many kinds. But there are some types that we make very good partners with:

  1. Haulage and Logistics

    Haulage and logistics are crucial to UK industry for so many reasons.

    But the industry often struggles with cashflow due to the many upfront costs - driver wages, hire purchases, fuel costs - and seasonal shifts in sales.

    Fortunately, we help by releasing cash in advance of customer payments meaning we often make a great team.

  2. Recruitment

    Recruitment agencies are a real boost to the economy helping thousands of people to get permanent or temporary jobs every day.

    As an agency your key assets are your client relationships. So, when we team up with recruitment agencies we work together on credit control and follow specially created procedures to ensure your clients’ needs are always in focus.

    We offer confidential facilities and tailored facilities that are ideal for companies whose clients come first!

  3. Printing

    The printing industry regularly suffers from erratic cashflow cycles and struggles with 90 day payment terms as the norm.

    But when a printer partners with an invoice finance facility they can get paid much sooner and take on more lucrative deals without the risk of running out of money - or even worse – risking their much needed equipment as assets for working capital.

  4. Manufacturing

    Manufacturers that take on multiple jobs and need funds for them all are perfect for invoice finance. Specialist precision engineering, metal fabrication, steel stockholders etc – they can all work more efficiently with invoice finance

  5. Start ups

    New starts often struggle to get their business off the ground due to a lack of cashflow in the early days of its existence. Banks will seldom loan money to companies without a financial history and overdrafts are becoming more unreliable and expensive.

    But if your businesses needs help getting off the ground invoice finance can be there for you as facilities are given based on projected sales meaning they allow for potential sales growth. So as you grow your facility does too.


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