Environmental, Social, and Governance

Our Commitment

At Skipton Business Finance, we are committed to building a business for the long-term. As we continue on that journey, the role we can play for our people, the community, the local economy and the environment has never been so important.

To us, being a responsible business means caring about not just what we do, but how we do it. 


Four Focus Areas

Our ESG approach is categorised into four focus areas:


Social - People

Social - Community



What We Do & What The Future Holds...

We are committed to playing a leading role in making our business sustainable and we have brought together all our efforts into an ambitious plan: our Responsible Business Strategy (RBS). 

Our RBS is the start of a new phase and the plan will develop over time, in terms of the ambition of the targets and the ideas that come from it. The strategy comprises five key areas, supported by a governance and management structure which provides leadership and resources to manage the material responsible business issues. The five focus areas are:

  • Ensure environmental responsibility and efficiency
    • Reducing waste
    • Offsetting our carbon emissions
  • Engaging with communities
    • Enhancing our Sponsorship & Charitable Contributions policy for local community-based projects
    • Supporting charities
  • Supporting our people
    • Facilitating talent, listening and engaging with our people
    • A new framework for inclusiveness, diversity and wellbeing
  • Creating wealth & employment for our clients
    • Easier access to working capital
    • Treating Customers Fairly 

Our Responsible Business Strategy includes a range of short and long-term targets. To ensure our strategy and targets remain relevant, we will review them quarterly and update where necessary. If we introduce new targets or amend existing ones, we will report the changes in our annual Responsible Business report and explain the changes.