About our Partnership with WizeUp Financial Education

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Skipton Business Finance is proud to be supporting WizeUp Financial Education as one of our 2024 Charity Partners.

WizeUp Financial Education is a charity organisation dedicated to improving financial capability and wellbeing of individuals throughout England. They provide interactive workshops and resources that equip students, teachers and parents with the knowledge and skills they need to make informed financial decisions.

At Skipton Business Finance, we believe that financial literacy is essential for everyone, and we're excited to support WizeUp's mission of delivering financial education programmes to those who need it most.

Why We Partnered with WizeUp

As a business finance provider, we see first-hand the importance of financial literacy for business owners. Strong financial management is essential for business success, and WizeUp's programmes can help young entrepreneurs make sound financial decisions and achieve their goals. WizeUp's programmes extend far beyond the business world. They offer financial education programmes for people of all ages and backgrounds, helping individuals build a secure financial future.

Our Commitment

Through this partnership, Skipton Business Finance is committed to supporting WizeUp's vital work. We will be raising money through fundraising activities to help support a number of schools through WizeUp’s programme and will be working together to raise awareness of the need for financial literacy in young adults. 

How can you support WizeUp Financial Education?

There are many ways you can join us in supporting WizeUp Financial Education:

  • Donate: Your donation will help WizeUp continue to deliver their important financial education programmes.
  • Volunteer: Share your financial expertise by volunteering your time with WizeUp.
  • Spread the Word: Help raise awareness of WizeUp's programmes by talking to your friends, family, and colleagues.

Visit the WizeUp Financial Education website to learn more about their programmes and how you can get involved.

Together, with your help, we can build a financially empowered future for everyone. 

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To find out more about our partnership with WizeUp Financial Education, get in touch with Sophie Brown at sbrown@skiptonbf.co.uk.