Invoice Finance for a New Start Business

New starts may often struggle to get their business off the ground due to a lack of cashflow in the early days of its existence. Banks will seldom loan money to companies without a financial history and overdrafts are becoming more unreliable and expensive. So where can a new business turn to gain access to funding?


Funding is one of the primary concerns for any start-up business - whether it’s the initial injection of capital that gets you going, or that line of credit that keeps you afloat as you establish yourself as a profitable growing business. We’re pleased to say that we’ve seen many start-ups achieve success on this front by choosing invoice finance.

Invoice finance is when the lender uses an unpaid invoice as security for funding, giving you quick access to a percentage of that invoice’s value quickly, sometimes within 24 hours.

The amount of money a provider will lend you is based on its own risk criteria. But this method of funding lets you access finance for cashflow or investment purposes, using an often-untapped asset on your balance sheet.

What we can do

Skipton Business Finance has a 15 year history of success, dealing with fledgling businesses across a variety of sectors and helping them to improve their cashflow. With improved cashflow comes a whole host of boosts to your business, not least gaining the ability to pay creditors quickly and benefit from early payment discounts, the ability to take advantage of economies of scale and the confidence to be able to take on bigger, more lucrative deals without the risk of running out of money.

How we do it

We strive to deliver flexible Invoice Finance, such as Invoice Factoring or Invoice Discounting, that grows with the business of the client and our entire sales approach is shaped around this philosophy.

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