What is Recourse Invoice Discounting?

With Recourse Invoice Discounting, Skipton Business Finance will fund your invoices for a pre-determined number of days past its due date.

With many businesses now having to wait up to 90 days for invoices to be paid, it’s no wonder hard-working owners are getting fed up.

Cashflow problems can quickly mount up if invoices continue to remain unpaid. But by using a Recourse Invoice Discounting facility, you can unlock the cash you have tied up quickly and forget about cashflow woes!

The benefits of choosing Skipton Business Finance

Skipton Business Finance is a finance provider with a difference. As a subsidiary of the Skipton Group, one of the largest financial establishments in the UK, we have funds ready to lend to businesses up and down the country. Not only that, but we share a unified ethos that put people first. We have no expensive shareholder dividends and can therefore focus on understanding our client’s businesses and developing approach-based partnerships.

Additionally, we have a flexible approach to funding solutions, our dedicated Account Managers assess your business on its merit, not historic balance sheets like a bank would. Having a dedicated Account Manager means your finance solution grows as your business does, instead of having to continuously re-apply and fill in the same forms over and over every time you need to make a change, you just call your Account Manager and make the change over the phone.