What is Confidential Invoice Factoring?

Confidential Invoice Factoring: Defined 

Confidential Invoice Factoring works on the same principle as normal Factoring and you still outsource your credit control to the Factoring provider. The only difference is how the lender (i.e. Skipton Business Finance) introduces themselves to your customers. With normal Factoring, the provider uses their own name whereas, with Confidential Invoice Factoring, the provider acts as your own accounting department, using your company name (and brand) when communicating with customers. Confidential Invoice Factoring combines immediate access to working capital with professional credit control in one simple product. The beauty is your customer will never know!

Immediate Access to Cashflow

Imagine the benefits to your business if all your customers paid within 24 hours. Cashflow is often referred to as the lifeblood of any business and Confidential Invoice Factoring allows you access to cash the same day you process your invoice.

In layman’s terms, Confidential Invoice Factoring is like immediate money. You’ve done the work and so get to access the cash straight away. It's your money, earned today, paid today.

Stress Free Collections

We’re passionate about credit control and have a wealth of experience in ensuring our client invoices are amongst the first to be paid each month. We believe that successful credit control is more about relationship building and understanding individual customer payment cycles, rather than simply who shouts the loudest.

You take the credit, we bring the control.

Complete Confidentiality

Existing clients often refer to Confidential Invoice Factoring as their company’s best kept secret, a phrase that sums up our service perfectly. Every touch point we have with your customers is undertaken professionally and confidentially using your company’s name, brand and logo at all times.

Your dedicated credit controller will quickly become an integral part of your existing team providing regular feedback on collections activity and advising you promptly of any issues that may result in delayed payment.

Our aim is simple: visible results delivered by your invisible funder.