Skipton Business Finance Supports Year-on-Year Growth of Start-Up Recruiter

In less than five years this Mid Wales recruiter has grown from aspiring start-up to regional expert in hiring talent with support from Skipton Business Finance.


Based in Wales, Permanent Recruitment Solutions is a growing agency that recruits temp and permanent roles throughout Shropshire and Mid-Wales. It specialises in securing local talent for many sectors including industrial, commercial, technical, clerical, sales and hospitality.


Less than five years ago, Permanent Recruitment Solutions was a hungry start-up business focusing purely on what it does best.  As the business grew it understood that a working capital solution helps balance cashflow, especially useful in recruitment when guarantying timely payments for temps.


Deciding it was time to take the company to the next level, Managing Director Mike Clare approached several Invoice Finance providers to test the waters. “I rang around a few suppliers and then heard from Skipton Business Finance’s team in our region,” says Mike. “They came, we had a chat, we tried it and it worked. We’ve never needed to change.

“We’ve been working together for over 3 years. We started off with a small facility and as the business grew, so did our requirements. The partnership has gone from strength to strength.”


As well as his business reaping the rewards in financial terms - with no bad debts and turnover increasing year-on-year - Mike has also had the satisfaction of helping businesses in the region to grow by delivering the right talent.

“Working with Skipton gives us the autonomy to deal with the bigger clients as well,” says Mike. “And because of this, we’ve been able to do everything right meaning those little clients have now become bigger clients too."

3 most liked qualities about Skipton Business Finance

Reliable service:

“It’s a really good service and a very good relationship. They’re always on the ball. I ask them to do something and it’s done. They're very customer service focused, they always want to help. If there is ever a difficulty, I know who I can turn to.”

Close relationship:

“We work well together. I’m always informed on things like if we’re over the credit limit with a client. It means I always have the autonomy to solve any situations should they arise.”

Catering to specific needs:

“If I’m away I can trust Skipton to know the account and know what we want. The money is always there and we’ve never had to pay our temps late.”

Wanting to grow your start-up?

As the onus is on predicted sales and not only past financial history, Invoice Financing is an accessible funding solution for start-up businesses and recruitment agencies.

At Skipton Business Finance our friendly teams across the UK can provide your business with working capital from as little as £25,000 to as large as £5m.

Our Invoice Factoring or Invoice Discounting solutions can provide a much-needed cash injection for B2B SMEs based in the UK.

If you would like a no-obligation FREE quote email or use the quick and simple form on the right and one of our regional experts will call you back. 

About Skipton Business Finance

Skipton Business Finance provides businesses with working capital through flexible Invoice Finance solutions, including Invoice Factoring, Invoice Discounting, our confidential My White Label solution and our interest-free Skipton Select solution.

SBF can provide working capital to a business by advancing funds varying from £25,000 up to £5m.

Backed by the Skipton Building Society, we look at the individual merits of a business as part of our underwriting criteria.

We look at potential sales figures and the whole context, not only credit scores.

We don’t just run details through a computer to make a decision. We sit down with you and understand how your business operates, how you want to be funded and how we can support you.  

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