Invoice Finance for Hauliers & Couriers

The UK logistics industry is crucial to the UK economy, being worth more than £85 billion and employing over 2 million people. It is predicted that there will continue to be increasing demand for effective and integrated freight solutions throughout 2020 and beyond.

Despite this positive outlook, many businesses in this sector face major cashflow problems with the price of fuel now reaching record levels and customers taking longer and longer to pay.

Add to this, driver wages, HP commitments and vehicle repair bills and it can all result in poor cashflow and periods of worry for both hauliers and couriers alike.


What we can do

Skipton Business Finance provide Invoice Finance solutions, such as Invoice Factoring and Invoice Discounting.

Whether you’re a haulier with a limited number of trucks that uses third-party logistics, or a large transport firm with its own distribution system, or a budding courier our solutions work on releasing cash for every invoice you raise which means you can get access to the funds you've earned straight away.

No more waiting 30, 40 or even 60 days for your customers to pay you. And no longer will you have to worry about approaching the bank and asking for more capital!

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If you're a haulier or courier, and in need of an Invoice Factoring or an Invoice Discounting solution, then we could potentially be your perfect funding partner. 

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At Skipton Business Finance, we offer the following types of Invoice Finance: