Skipton Business Finance relationship is like “a partnership, rather than like being a customer”

Years ago this this family-run engineering firm was struggling through the start-up phase. Seven years later, it is an established business with efficient financial processes and a great range of clients.


Established in 2012, Sigma Precision is a family-run CNC engineering company based in West-Yorkshire. It specialises in bespoke subcontracting engineering for a wide range of clients and boasts over 60 years knowledge and experience in the sub-contract precision engineering industry.


In its early stages, like many start-ups, Sigma struggled to find the time and autonomy to establish efficient processes for cashflow management and credit control.

Realising quite quickly that its initial provider was not a good match, Sigma decided to look for a new Invoice Finance provider that could support it with those difficult cashflow gaps that stop new projects getting off the ground.


The Sigma team always knew that Invoice Factoring was always the ideal solution for its business. As Manager Director Claire Lawless puts it: “We factor because we need it. We’re not in a position where we can save up thirty grand and have that sitting in the pot.”

After parting ways with its initial provider, it soon moved facility over to Skipton Business Finance and felt the benefits of a friendly and supportive provider.


Working with Skipton Business Finance has given it the consistency and the autonomy to scale up the business and establish effective processes.

“Now we’re in a totally different place,” says Claire. “We’re much more established and we’re more confident in running things day to day, rather than panicking about paying bills.

“The support from Skipton Business Finance has helped us to keep things under control and establish effective internal processes.”

3 most liked qualities about Skipton Business Finance

Direct contact

“Matthew (Credit Control) is always there if I’m every stuck with something. It’s always a pleasure when he or any of the Skipton team pick up the phone to us.”

Reliable support

“Matthew helps us get money into the business when we need it. In the early days, when we weren’t particularly cash rich, he would ring us up and ask if we ever needed any additional help. “

A great relationship

“Working with Skipton has always felt more like a partnership, rather than just being a customer.”

Start closing your cashflow gap

If you’re tired of seeing that widening cashflow gap then maybe one of our Invoice Finance solutions could work for you.

With Invoice Factoring you will get to work closely with one of our friendly, highly-trained credit controllers and a dedicated Relationship Manager. Or if you would prefer to maintain full credit control then Invoice Discounting could be cashflow solution for you.

At Skipton Business Finance our friendly teams across the UK can provide your business with working capital from as little as £25,000 to as large as £5m.

Our Invoice Factoring or Invoice Discounting solutions can provide a much-needed cash injection for B2B SMEs based in the UK. No more 90 day waits for payments.

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