Skipton Business Finance Helps Parcel & Pallet Specialist Stay Ahead Of The Game

This delivery firm has cut its carbon footprint and increased operational efficiency by investing in new technologies, with support from Skipton Business Finance.


Based in North Wales, Grand Prix Express is a family-run Parcel & Pallet delivery service with over 40 years industry experience.  

It operates a fleet of vehicles - from small courier vans to articulated vehicles - delivering anything from small parcels to bulk consignments and haulage. As well as providing UK and Worldwide delivery services it also manages Ocean Import, FCL /LCL services, Warehousing & Supply Chain Solutions and Air and Rail Freight solutions. 

Challenge - The need for efficiency and sustainability

Grand Prix Express works in an especially competitive industry with low margins and high upfront costs. But despite this, the company has been able to offer customers a bespoke and exceptional service for over 40 years. 

However, to keep up with increasing customer demands and to cut down its carbon footprint, the company looked to modernise its operations.

As Managing Director Russell Godwin explains:

“Time is of the essence in our industry; we work 700-1000 consignments a day. This used to be a manual sortation process which used up a lot of time and a lot of paper, for example when printing off sheets for drivers.”

Solution - Flexible and accessible working capital

Investing in new technologies can be a messy and difficult process.

As well as ensuring new systems are implemented correctly, a company has to be wary that the new investments don’t disrupt cashflow and endanger the company’s financial health.

As a long-term partner with Skipton Business Finance, Grand Prix Express discussed the situation with its dedicated Relationship Manager. Together they were able to develop an appropriate solution so the company could invest in modern systems.

Result - All systems go

Grand Prix Express had the cashflow and funding to successfully implement its new systems including new software to manage the hundreds of daily orders and deliveries.

“Every consignment now runs through one portal,” explains Russell. “Everybody likes it here and even our customers have embraced it.

“The system automates a lot of admin for the hundreds of daily consignments that we do. It also means we’re no longer photocopying all the time or killing more trees.

"The company appreciates the flexibility of Skipton Business Finance. It is great to know that there is help when needed. It shows that we’re working together.”

3 most liked qualities about Skipton Business Finance

An understanding partner:

“Skipton Business Finance understands the backgrounds of our industry, how it works and what is important to us.

“We partnered with them in 2011, as we felt pressure from our previous provider to change the way we did things. Skipton seemed to respect how we preferred to work and we liked that.”

A personal approach:

“It’s refreshing to have a personal service. I like that I can call and get the person I need rather than having to go through an automated phone system. There are some great people at Skipton and it’s a great partnership for us.

An approachable service:

“I can always pick up the phone and ask for some help with the facility. I like that it is a conversation rather than approaching a machine and waiting forever and going nowhere.

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