Skipton Business Finance Caters to Bespoke Needs of Beverage Specialist

Flexibility, decision-making from real people and support with seasonal sales shifts is what drew this successful beverage specialist to Skipton Business Finance. 


A family-run business, Janes Beverages supplies hot, cold and bottled beverages to a wide range of customers including schools, universities, offices and catering establishments across the UK.

It specialises in supplying high-tech dispensers rather than traditional vending machines to customers with high footfall and demand.

After using a bank overdraft for many years, the company used their first invoice finance facility in the late 1990s and occasionally changed providers in the hope to find a better deal and quality of service.



Regular errors and inflexible procedures made it difficult for Janes Beverages to successully use their invoice finance facility, which was provided by one of the major banks.

“It was not user-friendly at all,” says Melanie Whittle who is responsible for the company’s accounts and credit control. “There were cash allocation mistakes which made it very hard work. It was a complete mess.”



Melanie Whittle added: “As we were having a few issues with our previous lender we asked Skipton in for a chat and we just gelled straight away. Ian [who came to visit] made the effort to learn more about we did and clearly explained how Skipton could help. Then, after a simple audit and a bit of paperwork, we never looked back.”



“Skipton are very flexible and it helps. As we’re a seasonal business we often need more support at different times, for example, we need a more fluid cashflow in summer when our sales are high," said Melanie Janes, "They’re very accurate. If they say they will get back to you they always will. We can’t ask for more.”

In the last few years the company has started to expand its markets, seeing an increase in hotelier clients, and has boosted its portfolio with a range of new vegan-friendly juice products.

Although only in its first few years, the partnership between Janes Beverages and Skipton Business Finance is going from strength to strength.

Melanie Janes concluded: “When it comes to collecting payments, Skipton treat our customers with respect, they keep track of how quickly customers pay and they keep us updated on cash collection."


3 most liked qualities about Skipton Business Finance

Flexibility and human decision making:

Janes Beverages have appreciated Skipton Business Finance’s personal and flexible approach to decision-making, helping them to invest in new machinery. 

“In our industry we have to get new machinery to meet certain demands and sometimes limited special offers on that machinery become available,” says Director of Janes Beverages, Melanie Janes.

“When that happens I know that I can ring Skipton and have an overpayment arranged in enough time to not miss out on the offer. Skipton have always been very obliging and willing to help out every time we’ve needed it.”

Continuity and communication:

“If somebody is away we’re always kept informed. If your main point of contact is on leave you’re not abandoned - you’ve got someone else you can turn to."


“It’s a smooth service. Our contact, Jordon, is always brilliant. Cash allocation is always spot on and Client Manager is easy to use too,” adds Melanie Whittle.


Need a consistent cashflow boost throughout the year?

Invoice factoring or Invoice Discounting can provide a much-needed cash injection for businesses in the UK. 

At Skipton Business Finance our friendly teams across the UK can provide your business with a finance facility from as little as £25,000 to as large as £5m.

Backed by the Skipton Building Society, we look at the individual merits of a business as part of our underwriting criteria. We look at potential sales figures and the whole context, not only credit scores.

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