Move to Skipton Business Finance Described as “One of The Best Business Decisions”

After the relationship with their previous Invoice Finance provider deteriorated due to organisational changes within the provider, this Scottish recruitment specialist made the bold decision to move facility and hasn’t regretted it since.


Established in 2000, Time Recruitment Services Ltd introduces office personnel to many of Edinburgh’s top organisations. They specialise in both temporary and permanent employment for many sectors including Legal & Property, Sales & Marketing, and Accounts & Finance.

For over a decade and a half, Time enjoyed a reliable facility and an excellent relationship with their previous Invoice Finance partner.

The lender then radically changed its service, potentially affecting Time’s position as a leading recruiter in Edinburgh.


“The standards we once enjoyed were removed,” says Director Caroline Burns. “Everything was centralised and we had a sea of people to deal with. There was no relationship left.

"The provider began to increasingly misalign invoices and it became a challenge to address these issues. Where there was once helpful a human contact, we now had to deal with a faceless customer services department."

Time Recruitment was simply referred to making a complaint with the ombudsman.  

The problem was not solved.

“It reached the point where we could have risked losing clients,” says Caroline. “We are a small organisation, time is precious, and too much of it was spent liaising with the provider."


Understandably after such a long and fruitful business partnership with their previous provider, Time were disappointed about the need to move facility.  

“We felt it would be quite difficult to change provider and that there would be a lot of time consumed by administration. So, we had to consider whether this could be good for our business or not,” explains Caroline. “Then out of the blue and on the right day, we received a call from Rebecca Atkinson at Skipton Business Finance. It was a productive phone call and I explained our issues with our provider at the time to her."

“We agreed to have a meeting with Dan Grainger [one of Skipton’s Regional Directors]. We were super-impressed with him, what Skipton Business Finance could offer us, and he understood why we were considering a change.

"We decided to move our facility to Skipton Business Finance.”


After being supported through the transition by Skipton Business Finance, Time Recruitment were delighted to have things under control once again. “We were reluctant to move at the time but the decision is one of the best we've ever made."

3 most liked qualities about Skipton Business Finance

Reliability and consistency:

“Skipton have kept their promises on every single level. They have been exceptional. The systems they provide have returned us to the same standards we once enjoyed. Skipton Business Finance supported us through the transition.”

Human Relationships:

“Our Relationship Manager Siobhan Britton was impressive from day one. She didn’t present in a complicated manner, and was always understanding with regards to what we do, who we are and what our needs are.”

Credit Control:

“Ashly Peters our Credit Controller is efficient, effective and courteous to our clients. 

"Courteousness is key to us. Edinburgh is a small city so relationships are important and Ashley has been very good at building relationships with our clients."

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