Our solution is "Flexible"

Skipton Business Finance is unique simply because we look at businesses from a holistic point of view and try to tailor the right solution to fit around that specific business.

We strive to deliver flexible Invoice Factoring and Invoice Discounting facilities that help grow with the business of the client, providing the client with more cash as they issue more invoices, with our sales approach being shaped around this philosophy.

It is recognised in a number of industries that Invoice Finance solutions are often more flexible for businesses than a traditional bank overdraft.

Over the last thirteen years, we have funded businesses in a variety of ways and provided them with funds that help them to grow their business and go on to bigger and better things.

Invoice finance, is now one of the fastest growing alternatives to bank overdrafts and loans.

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If you need an Invoice Factoring or an Invoice Discounting solution then look no further than Skipton Business Finance.

Backed by Skipton Building Society, one of the largest financial establishments in the UK, means we have funds ready to lend to businesses up and down the country.

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At Skipton Business Finance, we offer the following types of Invoice Finance: