Invoice Finance Case Study: Successful Exit


A healthcare business based in Yorkshire needed funding in order to employ new members of staff in line with the expansion of the business.  


At Skipton Business Finance, we support businesses at any stage of their journey, whether it be a new start or a mature business. That’s why when a long term client no longer requires our service, it is a success story to us.

The Yorkshire-based business in this case required funding to support plans to increase staff numbers in order to maintain the growth of the business.

The company ended its partnership with us in August 2019 when it became self-funding and no longer required our support. Within the period of funding, the business doubled its turnover and its staff numbers fourfold. With the funding allowing the business to meet its growth target, the director no longer required support through a £50k CHOCS facility and is now self-funding. 

At Skipton Business Finance, we love to support business through their journey to success even if this means that thye don’t need us anymore. To see success stories such as these means that our service has achieved what our client wanted it to. 

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