Invoice Finance Arranged - Vehicle Recovery: £50k Invoice Discounting

Another business provided with an invoice discounting facility!

Featured Business:

The new company, based in Leicestershire, had suffered from an inability to gain access to a bank facility, which had contributed to cashflow problems for the business in its early days of trading.

Having been formed only a few months ago, our new client did not have the prerequisite credit history of 3+ years to be able to access a loan or an overdraft. However, the company had a healthy book of invoices and a solid business plan, which meant we were more than happy to provide them with a cashflow facility.

We look forward to building a good partnership with our new client over the upcoming months!

What kind of company is Skipton Business Finance?

Skipton Business Finance is a independent invoice finance company with a pulse. That means that we always look at add a human touch to how we work.

Due to our independence, we’ve been able to develop a culture that runs throughout every aspect of our business that helps to create wealth and jobs throughout the UK.

And although we are an undoubted financial institution, we are not a high-street bank. We are a business finance specialist owned by a mutual building society which gives us a completely different ethos to our competitors.

If you'd like to find out more about our core values, visit the SBF Difference section of our website.