Government Guidance for Couriers and Delivery Services to Prepare for Brexit

The Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy has recently published guidance that will help couriers, parcel delivery and transport services if the UK leaves the EU without a deal.

The guide ‘Parcel delivery services and preparing for EU Exit’ provides general guidance on different aspects of business that could be affected should a no deal be reached.

It summarises a variety of other documents and information into four topics include importing, regulations and standards, employees, and trade associations.

As explained on the Government’s website:

“Your business may need to make changes before the UK leaves the EU. Please visit Prepare for EU Exit to find more detailed guidance on policy changes relevant to your sector and to sign up for updates.”

The guide outlines various activities and changes that businesses may need to make. At Skipton Business Finance we understand that this will be useful for many businesses that we work with, as we often partner with businesses in the delivery and transport sector.

According to the guide, if the UK reaches a no deal then sellers outside the UK must pay import VAT for low-value parcels which include parcels worth £135 or less.

Haulage companies that drive in the EU will also be affected as the UK-issues community licences may not be recognised.

There will also be new processes for EU citizens who work in the UK and British passport holders will also be affected in multiple ways.

For further information check the guidance page on website now.


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