Women In Business Focus - Rebecca Hall of JMHC

As a member of the Women in Finance Charter, signed earlier this year, Skipton Business Finance is celebrating some of the women that it works with.

October and November of 2019 has seen many events taking place with a focus on ‘Women in Business’, such as the Festival of Female Entrepreneurs 2019 and the Women in Business Expo. With this in mind, we decided to speak with some of the brilliant women that we work with.

Introducing Rebecca Hall of JM Hall Couirers

Rebecca Hall is a director of JM Hall Couriers, a multi-million pound, multi award-winning logistics firm.

The business was founded in 2011 with only two vans and, under Rebecca’s leadership, has since has gone from strength to strength boasting a fleet of over 350 vans across 14 depots.

Covering most cities from Glasgow to Plymouth, Rebecca coordinates the business from their head office in North Yorkshire.

Name: Rebecca Hall
Age: 46
Profession: Director at JM Hall Couriers

How did you end up where you are now?
My husband was already working in the courier industry as an owner-driver. When I was on maternity leave with my second daughter, I decided to take some online courses in accountancy and book-keeping.

During my maternity leave I suffered a huge setback and was unfortunately made redundant from my job. However I realised that I had all of these qualifications, so I decided to put them to use! I started helping my husband and we have grown the company together. He looked after the fleet side of the business and I looked after the operations.

I started talking to Amazon and some other big players and, from this, the business started to grow. We realised that we worked really well together and were seeing rapid growth of the business, turning one route to 500 a day and winning several awards for the business.

Rebecca with her husband, James Hall

At Skipton Business Finance, we celebrate Women in Business, from those at the very top of large corporates to those who are starting new business ventures. What advice would you give to women starting new businesses?
My main advice would be to make sure that you plan and review everything that you do. It’s also absolutely vital to focus on creating and then looking after important relationships with customers and clients.

Women can bring a very different mentality to a business and therefore develop niche USPs

I think it is essential that women don’t dismiss the important skills that they have. In particular, after prioritising things such as having children, it can be easy to put aside your other interests and skills. It’s all about taking these skills forward and keeping focus whether it’s on your own business or one that you are employed in.

Most of the people that work at JMHC are mums from the school playground who have told me that they want to go back to work. Many of these are highly skilled and wanted to put those skills back into practice.

Is it important to have women in senior roles?
It is definitely important to have women in authoritative roles. It is quite unusual to have women in senior positions, especially within the logistics industry. I am one of the only business-owners in the industry that is female.

I think it is very much needed that there are more of us as women are generally very good at planning and forging relationships with businesses. Women can bring a very different mentality to a business and therefore develop niche USPs.

What does the future look like for your career?
We are now looking to expand our business into the USA and take some very important technology that we are developing worldwide. So in this sense, we are just starting a new era in our careers.

I am looking forward to seeing how the business can develop, whether it be by forging new relationships or reaching new customers.

JM Hall Couriers is a logistics business founded in 2011. The business is run by husband and wife Rebecca and James Hall.

For more information about JM Hall Couriers, visit: http://www.multidropdrivers.co.uk/.