Melanie Janes of Janes Beverages

As a member of the Women in Finance Charter, signed early last year, Skipton Business Finance is celebrating some of the women that it works with. Melanie Janes is a director at national drinks supplier Janes Beverages and was happy to speak to us about her experiences as a business woman.

Name: Melanie Janes
Age: 56
Profession: Director at Janes Beverages


Tell us about your career.

I have always worked in retail, in a face-to-face working environment. I enjoy meeting people and tending to relationships, whether it be new or old accounts. I like to be a face that is seen and not one that’s behind a desk. I quite enjoy that side of business.

I did a small amount of work at Janes Beverages, for my husband when I was on maternity leave but didn’t have much involvement really. When changes happened in the business a few years ago, I decided to go full time and that’s how my working career took a change and I was invited to become a director.


What would you say to women starting out in their careers?

I would say have faith and believe in yourself. I think it’s quite important for ladies coming through the new workplace to know that they can achieve their dreams. It’s not a man’s world like it used to be when I was a teenager, there are a lot of high profile business women around now and I think that’s great.


If you have a dream or something that you are really passionate about and you think you can make a go of it, do it.

If you have a dream or something that you are really passionate about and you think you can make a go of it, do it.

My daughter is 24 and she has very successfully entered the world of business. I want her to know she can achieve whatever she wants to. As women, we have the same education as men and we are equal. I don’t think you should be afraid of being a female, which 50 years ago we were.



Is it important to have women in senior roles?

Yes, it is very important. Because of what we juggle with our own lives, I think women are focused on time and therefore our time-management skills are excellent and this makes us good business people. We know what has to be done, that it has to be done at a certain time and it gets done.

Business and communications, finance, distribution and service have been turned on their heads in the last 10 years and the evolution of business is so incredible that our roles have to be multifunctional to reach that horizon we all strive to reach in business.


What does the future look like for your career?

My career looks exciting for the future. There will be a lot of changes after Brexit and it will be interesting to see the challenges it will bring, both negatively and positively and I am sure that there will be both. I personally enjoy a challenge.

We will continue to work with our European partners and look for even closer ties in product development and technology. The UK market place is still rather unique when compared to the European model and lessons can be learned on both sides of the Channel.

Janes Beverages is a National supplier of chilled juices and juice drinks, developed in-house for use in dispensing equipment for the sustainable demands of the Catering/Institutional Foodservice sector and has ground breaking dispensing technology supported by its own service personal.  The Company has developed into coffee and hot beverage supply with the development of B2C to meet the quality demands of new savvy consumers.


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