Why not let us pay for your VOSA application fee

Times are hard!

We know that the haulage sector is going through challenging times at present.

Logistics faces one major problem and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future and that is the price of oil. With the price of fuel now reaching record levels, and debtors taking longer and longer to pay, it is no wonder that companies in the industry can suffer from major cashflow problems.

Meeting weekly payroll obligations, paying creditors and the repair bills of various forms of vehicles are also additional factors which can result in very unpredictable and inconsistent cashflow cycles. It doesn't help either that you need to fork out over £300 on a VOSA application fee.

So why not let us pay for it!

By simply starting an invoice finance facility with us, we will pay for your VOSA application fee, or refund you if you've already paid for it!

Invoice finance is the fastest growing alternative to traditional bank overdraft funding and Skipton Business Finance has enjoyed great success over the past 10 years in working with UK businesses.

What SBF can do

Skipton Business Finance provide invoice finance facilities, such as invoice factoring and invoice discounting that are specifically designed to work well with businesses suffering inconsistent cashflow. Whether you’re a haulier with a limited number of trucks that uses third-party logistics, or a large transport firm with its own distribution system, our facilities work on releasing cash for every invoice you raise which means that the facility grows in line with your business. No longer will you have to worry about approaching the bank and asking for more capital!

How SBF do it

We strive to deliver fast, efficient and flexible invoice finance solutions, such as our flexible invoice factoring or invoice discounting facilities that grow with your business giving you access to the capital you earn 24 hours after you raise an invoice. In over ten years, we have funded businesses just like yours and given them access to funds that grow in line with their sales meaning that the solutions we provide are more flexible than a traditional bank overdraft.

This means that the invoice factoring and invoice discounting facilities we provide are the fastest growing alternatives to a traditional bank overdraft.

Call us today on 0845 602 9354 quoting "Bill the Invoice" and one of our team will gladly guide you through the process.