Skipton Business Finance is a business financial services provider with over 20 years’ experience of providing tailored finance solutions to businesses across the UK. We offer a unique approach to finance solutions that many find differs substantially to banks and other competitors.


Our financial services are different from the rest. We pride ourselves on a 98% customer satisfaction rate and we are confident that we can find the right financial solution for your business. 

Invoice Factoring 

Imagine the benefits to your business if all your customers paid you within 24 hours. Now, imagine a dedicated, outsourced credit control function sending monthly statements to your customers and building up a relationship with the people that matter to facilitate faster payment. That's the power of Invoice Factoring.

With an Invoice Factoring solution from Skipton Business Finance, you get access to the working capital that you need to grow your business on the day you raise the invoice. 

Invoice Discounting,

Invoice Discounting gives you access to the working working capital you've earned the day you raise an invoice. Imagine the benefits of never having to worry about when your customers pay you. You maintain full control over the relationship with your customers - we provide you the working capital, meaning that you can focus on what you're amazing at... making your business a success.


For some businesses, a normal Invoice Finance facility might not be suitable. Instead, some businesses may prefer to gain access to a larger proportion of their sales ledger upfront. The LedgerLite facility by Skipton Business Finance allows you access of up to 50% of your monthly sales ledger without the complications of a traditional Invoice Finance product.

Confidential Solutions

A confidential fiance solution works on the same principle as a normal Factoring or Discounting solution and you still outsource your credit control to the provider. The only difference is how the lender (i.e. Skipton Business Finance) introduces themselves to your customers. With normal Factoring/Discounting, the provider uses their own name whereas, with confidential finance solution, the provider acts as your own accounting department, using your company name (and brand) when communicating with customers. A confidential solution combines immediate access to working capital with professional credit control in one simple product. The beauty is your customer will never know!

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