Interview - SBF Employee (Dan Izzard)

Get to know us!

Every month we literally put one of our employees under the spotlight and ask them a series of professional, and personal, questions. This month, it's Daniel Izzard...

How old are you?I'm 27!

Where do you work? On the road.

What's your background? I did a degree in Economics at Sheffield University which was followed by almost five years at Euro Sales Finance / RBSIF. I've been at SBF now for one and half years.

What do you do at SBF?I'm an Auditor / Surveyor.

What are your primary responsibilities? Ensuring the money we lend to our existing book is secure and any proposed lends to prospective new businesses would also be secure.

What’s the best thing about your job? Every business is unique. I get to visit a different one everyday and see how they work (and sometimes not work!).

What was your childhood ambition? Working for Skipton Business Finance of course!!!

What are your hobbies? Cricket, music, more cricket.

Favourite Film? Predator, or Herbie Goes Bananas – I can’t decide!!

Is the glass half empty or half full? Definitely half full, the fuller the better especially if someone else is buying.

You wouldn’t know it by looking at me but…I am related to stand up comedian Eddie Izzard. I’m pleased to say my dress sense is a little more normal but I definitely think I’ve inherited his comic gene!