Interview - SBF Employee (Dan Iwanczuk)

Every month we literally put one of our employees under the spotlight and ask them a series of professional, and personal, questions. This month, it's Dan Iwanczuk.

How old are you?I’m 25

What's your professional background?I’ve got a CV as long as my arm from when I was studying at college, doing the usual, working in a sports shop, electrical retailer, multiple bars and as security at events such as superbike world championship, super league rugby, a couple of professional football teams, Robbie Williams, V festival, Isle of White festival (my personal favourite as I got paid for watching Coldplay, the Foo Fighters & the Prodigy!)

What do you do at SBF?I’m an Operations Support Executive

What are your primary responsibilities?Basically I’m the link between the debtors and our clients and I find it important to have a strong positive relationship with both. For my factoring clients; any issues that appear I arrange the resolution, I deal with the credit control, ensuring that the cash is coming in and being available for the clients to draw-down into their bank. For any invoice discounting clients I deal with their month end reconciliation.

What’s the best thing about your job?The best thing about my job is speaking with such a diverse range of individuals, a lot of which so often that I don’t even have to introduce myself anymore and vice-a-versa.

What was your childhood ambition?When I was at first school I really wanted to be a rally driver, whilst that has gone out the window now I’m not exactly short on hobbies.

What are your hobbies?Where to start?! I need to come to work to break them up, I am absolutely obsessed with music, and the majority of my wage packet will go on gig tickets! I also play drums in a rock band alongside my brother and my best friend, the biggest gig we’ve played was a battle of the bands final in front of 1000 people.

I run a small promotions company organising live music events in West Yorkshire, and have previously run all day charity events known as ‘Oxjam’ where all proceeds went to Oxfam.

I went to college to study ‘Music Tech’ so I’ve also been running the live sound side of small events as a soundman, as well as DJ’ing at a rock and metal night at a local nightclub.

Aside from music I’m also an avid rugby fan, heading to the 4 nations final and still supporting the Bradford Bulls and their yo-yo performances, COYB!

I’m not one to shy away from the poker table, although I do better online, I recently competed in the World Championship Of Online Poker and narrowly missed out on a cash finish, although I did finish higher than all of the professionals that entered.

Kickboxing is another of my hobbies, although I don’t have any belts but I love the adrenaline rush!

I’ve also competed in last year ‘Vertical Rush Liverpool’ one of the country’s largest stair racing events, racing up the radio tower in the centre of Liverpool whilst raising money for Shelter, finishing mid-table.

Favourite film?Hmm really depends what mood I’m in I suppose, I love stupid comedies such as Airheads (very early Adam Sandler and Brendan Fraser, with a cameo from Lemmy of Motorhead), but you can’t beat the classics like Airplane, the naked gun trilogy and Hot Shots + Hot Shots Part Deux.

Favourite ice cream?Got to be Ben & Jerry’s Phish Food, whoever thought of putting chocolate and marshmallow with ice cream is a genius!

Favourite band / artist?Anyone who knows me knows that it’s Iron Maiden Justin Bieber all the way! I’ve seen them live 4 times so far, and I’d love to go to one of the gigs where the lead singer (Bruce Dickinson, qualified pilot) flies a plane full of fans to a foreign country for a gig on flight 666. Although my favourite is Paradise City by Guns and Roses, I just love the passion and the changes in dynamics.

Favourite food?Thai green chicken curry, there’s a beautiful authentic Thai restaurant in Saltaire that is steadily becoming my favourite place. I just need to try it in Thailand and catch some live kickboxing too!

Favourite colour?Blue, the colour of my first car.

Favourite cartoon?Sheep In The Big City – Although I’ve not seen it for years, it’s too ridiculous to explain, you’ll have to youtube it.

Favourite sitcom?The Big Bang Theory – comedy series about a group of socially awkward geniuses, special guests such as Summer Glau, Charlie Sheen & Steve Wozniak (co founder of Apple computers).

You wouldn’t know it by looking at me but... I love musicals like West Side Story, Chicago etc and also enjoy the ballet!