Interview - SBF Employee (Allan Underwood)

Every month we literally put one of our employees under the spotlight and ask them a series of professional, and personal, questions. This month, it's Allan Underwood.

How old are you?I am 39 years old so looking forward to the ‘Big 40’ next May where I am planning a trip to New York.

What's your professional background?I have been within the finance industry in different formats since 1988 firstly working at Yorkshire Bank until the mid 1990s moving into the Home Improvement Finance, Leasing and Residential Secured Lending marketplace until early 2000s. I decided to join a small IFA practice which we grew to a national presence and sold it in 2006. After a couple of years working through the ‘buy out’ period I decided to work in the invoice finance arena where I have a number of long standing relationships and believe, due to the current economic climate, will be a buoyant marketplace for years to come.

What do you do at SBF?My current role is that of Corporate Manager covering North Yorkshire, North East and Humberside. I promote our offering through the professional community and assess businesses for invoice finance. Once brought onboard I hand over the client onto a relationship manager that runs the facility on a day-to-day basis.

What’s the best thing about your job?The best thing about my job is the diversity of the role. Each day is different; no two businesses are the same and the promotion of our offering within the business community, whilst exhausting, is enjoyable and you meet some great people.

What was your childhood ambition?My childhood ambition was similar to most young boys, being a professional footballer or golfer. Luckily, I have got to play for a couple of great amateur football clubs and met some fantastic guys who I've played football with for a number of years. I would always recommend taking up a sport for the camaraderie alone!

What are your hobbies?As previously mentioned my main hobbies are football and golf. I support the mighty Spurs for my sins and, though usually average, we actually seem to be playing some great football at the moment.

Favourite film?This is a hard one, though my favourite films are Trading Places, Step Brothers, Uncle Buck, Trains Plans and Automobiles and The Hangover.

Favourite ice cream?I like to promote local business so most Brymor Ice Cream flavours work for me. Favourite band / artist?Over the years loved Deacon Blue, The Beautiful South and REM. Currently would listen to The Killers, The Streets and Paul Weller.

Favourite food?Love most curries, Chinese food or the traditional English foods like Toad in the Hole, Shepherd Pie or Fish and Chips!

Favourite colour?Blue

Favourite cartoon?Loved Jamie and his Magic Torch, Top Cat or Scooby Doo as a kid

Favourite sitcom?In the past it was Only Fools and Horses, Porridge, The Office and Phoenix Nights which I still tend to watch as I don’t get time to get into many of the new ones nowadays

You wouldn’t know it by looking at me but...I once played football and won at the old Wembley Stadium... before it was knocked down!