The Employee that Rocks

ITV’s hit documentary “The Choir That Rocks” follows the biggest contemporary choir in Britain and their preparation for the biggest performance of their lives as they attempt to fill the 10,500-seat Wembley arena.

Skipton Business Finance is proud that one of its employees, Caroline Smith, is part of the Harrogate Rock Choir that has been filmed a number of times, not least during a recent singing trip to York.

Caroline spends her day job as a busy Relationship Manager, looking after a portfolio of clients. But, when she’s not up and down the country understanding our clients’ businesses and their needs, she’s busting a tune with her fellow members of her Rock Choir.

We caught up with Caroline to get the lowdown:

Why you like doing it?I love singing. I sing around the house, in the car, at my desk (much to the annoyance of colleagues!!)

When did you start doing it?I started the choir in January 2011 after I’d seen an article on Breakfast News. I signed up for a free taster session and have not looked back since!

What’s your role in the choir?I sing in the Alto section and I have sung the solo part in ‘Oh Happy Day’ and ‘Joyful Joyful’. I have also sung Adele’s Make you Feel My Love at two performances we have done.

Any high points/low points?All high points!! The first time I sang the solo I left the choir rehearsal on an absolute high. The following week the ITV film crew were there and I sang the solo again that was nerve wrecking but once I’d done it I felt great. Entering Wembley Arena and seeing it full of Rock Choir members and knowing I was a part of this experience was a great feeling.

Where you’ve sang?We performed at the Knaresborough Easter Fayre, the Knaresborough Bed Race and at Wembley Arena!!

How old are you?Unfortunately I am fast approaching 42 but of course I feel MUCH younger!!

What is your professional background?I started working in an accounts department of a building contractors to Cambridge University. I had a short spell working in Herefordshire where I worked for a language school and a co-operative of farmers producing organic produce. I then moved up to Harrogate with my husband’s job and started at RBS as an auditor.

What are your primary responsibilities?I work with my portfolio of clients understanding their business and their needs. I ensure the risk for SBF is managed and maintain profitable and working relationships.

What’s the best thing about your job?No one day in my job is the same and there are always new challenges to face. I enjoy getting out and about and meeting with clients – the journey allows for more singing!!!

What was your childhood ambition?Anything as long as it involved horses. I was obsessed and spent hours building jumps in the garden and pretending I was horse and rider!!

What are your hobbies?Singing... I would love to be able to take up running again but unfortunately my ageing body disagrees.

Favourite Film?Probably the Notebook. I love weepy films and this one is a real goodie!

Favourite Food? - Just one??I love food in general but especially when someone else has cooked it.

Favourite Ice Cream?Not fussed for ice-cream

Favourite alcoholic drink?Nothing better than a cold glass of Sauvignon Blanc. I was introduced to pear drop cocktails at Christmas which went down very well.

You wouldn’t know it by looking at me but….I have run 2 half marathons, I have waited on and had a drink with the former French President...