S&S Northern Ltd

Overview of Company

S&S Northern is one of the UK’s leading designers, manufacturers and suppliers of gas safety products including gas ventilation and gas interlock systems for use in commercial kitchens. They also design and manufacture gas pressure proving systems and gas detection systems for school laboratories and boiler houses.

S&S Northern has previously supplied products for the Palace of Westminster, ITV’s Hell’s Kitchen, Edinburgh Castle, Wembley and Old Trafford Cricket Ground.

Facility provided

Our facility used elements of both factoring and invoice discounting, as Skipton Business Finance afforded us a flexible solution which adapted to our changing needs.

What made you choose SBF as a lender?

We previously had an invoice finance facility with a bank, however the way they work afforded us very little flexibility and room for manoeuvre.

With Skipton Business Finance, we could tell right from the off that we'd be able to grow our business in a positive, sustainable manner with their assistance.

What are SBF's three main qualities and why?

Flexibility - Pure and simple, we've got an invoice facility that is adapted around our needs as a company.

Customer Service - Everyone at Skipton Business Finance treats us in a warm, friendly manner.

Laura Hodgson (Relationship Manager) - She always keeps us right up to date and well informed on our business finance issues.

What has surprised you most about SBF?

How easy it is to work with them! It really feels like we've formed a partnership, which is unlike any relationship we have had with banks. Usually we're used to having very little control and feeling like just another cash cow for a major financial institution... this relationship is very different.