Skipton Business Finance provide the love logistics company needed

Andrew Hall had a client that had used Invoice Finance for a number of years through his bank.

With turnover at £3.5m costs for using the service were circa £50K per annum. The owner had not spoken to the Invoice Finance side of the bank for couple of years and generally felt unloved.

His client questioned whether or not his business was getting value for money therefore Andrew Hall referred the business to John Colburn, Regional Sales Director as Skipton Business Finance, who met with the business. 

John Colburn said afterwards: "It became clear that 'communication, relationship and support from their funder' was extremely important."

"We discussed the business, his needs, his wants and the future he expected for his business," said John, "I was then able to tailor a solution that not only saved the business on cost but provided a flexible solution to generate more cash including their own trust account to stop the on going problem of cash allocation.  I am pleased to say the client transferred over to Skipton in July."

Andrew Hall said: "During 2016 I was approached by a client in the logistics industry to assist in finding a new factoring provider. Having previously met with John and knowing how knowledgeable Skipton Business Finance are in this area and how approachable John is, I had no hesitation in putting the two together."

Andrew added: "My client really appreciated the introduction and was impressed with John’s straight forward approach and what Skipton Business Finance had to offer regarding both service and fees. John introduced the client and I to the factoring team and the whole transition process was made smoothly and effectively from then on. Services levels for my client have continued since the switch to Skipton Business Finance and I am looking forward to working with John and Skipton Business Finance on future projects."

About Hall & Co Accountants: 

Hall & Co Accountants are run by Andy Hall FCCA. Andy is a fully qualified accountant who has operated in the local area for over 15 years. As a result, Andy has a wealth of local knowledge and has built strong working relationships with other professionals who can offer additional, valuable support as and when required. Throughout his career Andy has specialized in helping small businesses with their accountancy and tax requirements. He has a very hands on approach and is an accountant who speaks plain English.