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    Top 5 Tips for Optimising Your LinkedIn Company Page

    With more than 250 million members worldwide having signed up to the site, LinkedIn is becoming an increasingly important social media channel for a plethora of businesses, no matter how big or small they are or what industry they are in. LinkedIn is a social media channel primarily for professional networking, which means it can work especially... read full article
  • /the-business-brain/top-10-facts-about-uk-construction

    Top 10 Facts about UK Construction

    The UK’s construction industry is fast becoming one of the most important sectors in the UK. Since the recession, it has regularly shown growth and become resilient to tricky economic conditions. Below is SBF’s rundown on the key facts and figures of the Construction industry, indicating its importance to the UK economy: 7.8% Construction Output... read full article
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    We Finance UK Haulage

    Skipton Business Finance has been providing haulage companies with working capital via Invoice Factoring and Invoice Discounting for a number years. Whether you're a one-man owner-driver or have a fleet of trucks, we can make sure that you have cash in your bank as soon as you raise an invoice. We truly believe that the UK logistics sector is THE... read full article
  • /the-business-brain/top-10-most-annoying-office-isms

    Top 10 Most Annoying Office-isms

    Every office has them, every office worker uses them (occasionally), every office worker hates them (probably)... yes, they are the infamous office-isms, otherwise known as office jargon, that many of us will be subject to on a daily basis. Going forward in this blog, we will touch base with you and drill down into our top 10 most annoying office... read full article
  • /the-business-brain/top-tips-using-social-media-your-business

    Top Tips for Using Social Media in Your Business

    In the rapidly changing modern era, where the vast majority of marketers would agree that effective digital communication is essential in showing off your brand to the world, it’s surprising how many businesses both big and small are neglecting the chance to utilise one of the most exciting of these tools; social media. Between 40% and 60% of... read full article
  • /the-business-brain/top-5-seo-essentials

    Top 5 SEO Essentials

    So you’ve spent ages crafting a brilliant, clear and easy-to-use website for your business, but you’ve got no sales coming through online... just how can you increase your website’s visibility on the internet? Unfortunately it's not as simple as sitting back and waiting for the leads to flow in! Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO for short, is... read full article
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Skipton Business Finance differs from many other finance providers in that it is independent. We...

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