We Finance UK Haulage

Skipton Business Finance has been providing haulage companies with working capital via Invoice Factoring and Invoice Discounting for a number years.

Whether you're a one-man owner-driver or have a fleet of trucks, we can make sure that you have cash in your bank as soon as you raise an invoice. We truly believe that the UK logistics sector is THE most important sector in the UK economy.

All you need to do is drive down the M1 to see the vast number of wagons out on the road delivering goods to businesses in every corner of our great nation.

Below is SBF's rundown on the key facts and figures in the logistics and road haulage industry:

> 2.3 million people work in logistics sector. That's half the population of Sweden!

> 840,000 additional workers required to work in logistics sector by 2017. The sector grows!

220,000 employed specifically in UK road haulage. Enough to fill Old Trafford three times!

34,000 road haulage companies trading in the UK. We would love to help each and every one!

8% of total UK workforce employed in logistics sector. That's 1 in every 12 people you meet!

13% of workers in road haulage are self-employed. "Whenever you see a successful business, someone once made a courageous decision" - Peter Drucker

£86.5 billion contributed to UK economy by logistics sector. Bravo!

(All statistics courtesy of Annual Population Survey 2008)

Haulage businessess - we salute you...

At Skipton Business Finance, we help fund a lot of haulage businesses. We don't just say that we're the experts in Invoice Finance for haulage businesses, we mean it. Our award-winning Invoice Finance facilities, such as our Invoice Factoring and Invoice Discounting solutions have helped hundreds of haulage businesses since 2001.

We are pioneers in not just providing Invoice Factoring and Invoice Discounting to businesses up and down the country, but also in helping our clients grow.

Why not give us a ring on 01756 694068 (or 0330 1232437 for mobile) or email us on info@skiptonbf.co.uk to see how Invoice Finance can work for you.