Top 5 Google AdWords Features You May Not Know About

Google AdWords is an incredibly important tool for businesses of all sizes. If used effectively, it can get a business name and website out to thousands of browsers and really drive traffic, sales and improve brand recognition amongst your target markets. But as Google constantly makes changes to its system, some features of AdWords can slip under the radar. We don’t all have the time to devote to monitoring AdWords daily, so why not check out our top 5 AdWords features that you may not know about:

1. Sitelink Extensions

Sitelink extensions allow a user to add extra links to their ads underneath the description text. They only show up if your ad appears in the top 3 prized adverts at the header of the search results page but Google has indicated that ads with sitelink extensions generally see a higher click-through rate (CTR).

Here at Skipton Business Finance, we like to link to our product pages, hopefully encouraging more browsers to find out more about our fantastic invoice finance facilities!

Access sitelink extensions by clicking in the campaign you’d like to implement them on, then click the dropdown View > Sitelink Extensions.

2. Location targeting

AdWords allows you to be highly specific when it comes to where, geographically, your advert will appear. You can even ensure your ads only appear to users in specific towns and cities of countries, which can really help drive CTR and sales by hitting only the people you want it to.

You can even draw out circular areas where you want your ad to appear to target areas or regions.

Go via your campaign homepage > Settings > Locations > Edit to change which locations you are targeting

3. Call Extensions

If you enable call extensions, you have the option of allowing browsers using mobile phone to click and ring straight through to a phone number.

This can work well if your site isn’t optimised for mobile phones as it allows users to ring a number by just clicking through on the advert. The same CPC will be applied if a mobile user clicks and rings through.

This can be accessed similarly through the dropdown button on a campaign homepage: View > Call Extensions

4. Dimensions

Another aspect of AdWords slightly hidden away is the Dimensions section. Here, you can view a whole host of statistics showing the performance of your advert and who has been clicking through.

We like the fact you can view the locations of each click, together with a breakdown of how many clicks and impressions you got in a certain hour, day, week, month, quarter and year!

Access Dimensions via the campaign home page, then click the 8th tab along named ‘Dimensions’.

5. Analyse Competition

Compare the performance of your ads to competitors and similar advertisers using this handy little feature on Adwords.

You can choose various metrics, such as similar numbers of impressions, clicks and CTR, to see how others are doing. You can also see an average of all advertisers and get a good idea on whether your campaign is working well compared to others.

This tool can be found via Opportunities tab at the top of the page > Analyse Competition, then simply use the dropdown box to compare advertisers based on the metric of your choice.

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