Top 5 Free iPhone Business Apps

Skipton Business Finance was delighted to launch its mobile-optimised site last week, which provides a better and fluid browsing experience for users on mobiles and tablets. To celebrate, we’ve scoured the iPhone App Store, done some testing and come up with our essential list of five free apps you cannot live without to help increase your business productivity. Just search for them on the App Store and download them to your iPhone completely free of charge:

1. Expensify2. Dragon Dictation3. Perch4. LogMeIn5. LinkedIn

1. Expensify

As we are sure many businessmen and women will attest to, filing expenses claims and keeping track of what you’ve spent and where can be a long and drawn-out affair. Instead keep things simple and use this app to file expenses as and when you make them. This app can even sync with your credit cards to grab records of payments made, as well as combining these with electronic and paper receipts (scanned using the iPhone camera), to produce manageable, downloadable PDFs.

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2. Dragon Dictation

Although speech recognition software has been around for a number of years, such programs have usually been pretty useless at actually transcribing vocals into coherent sentences. However great strides have been made since smartphones entered the scene, with this app a culmination of the progress made so far.

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3. Perch

With social media now high priority for businesses across the majority of sectors, it’s important to stay one step ahead of your competitors. With Perch, that is exactly what you can do without having to spend hours switching across the various social networks. This app allows you to monitor your competitors social media in real time, gathering data from Facebook posts, reviews, tweets as well as deals posted online, enabling you to counteract your competitors quickly.

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4. LogMeIn

Smartphones are increasingly taking over from PCs and laptops as they gain even more functionality. However there are still times when you can’t beat a good old PC with its more traditional desktop applications. LogMeIn allows users to remotely access their PC and utilise their desktop applications from their phone. For it to work, it’s simply a case of downloading and installing the program on your desktop then downloading the app to your iPhone. This program works a treat and ensures you are never stuck without the essential desktop applications you need to run your business.

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5. LinkedIn

LinkedIn continues to grow and grow as a social media network, with more than 160 active members worldwide. Its iPhone app is now becoming indispensable to many, allowing users to browse industry news, keep up-to-date with group activity and share content with your network whilst on the move. The app has also been updated recently to allow you to sync your calendar with LinkedIn to get information about the people you’re meeting.

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