Top 10 Facts about UK Construction

The UK’s construction industry is fast becoming one of the most important sectors in the UK. Since the recession, it has regularly shown growth and become resilient to tricky economic conditions.Below is SBF’s rundown on the key facts and figures of the Construction industry, indicating its importance to the UK economy:

7.8% Construction Output as % of GDP

£109 billion added to UK economy (2009)

> 2.2 million employed in UK Construction

> 194,000 construction companies trading in UK

£18.7 billion orders received from private sector (2009)

£15.1 billion orders received from public sector (2009)

420 million tonnes of material used by constructors each year

33,500 jobs created in construction by London 2012 Olympics62 construction companies employee over 1,200 people (2009)

75,400 construction companies employ only 1 person (2009)

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