SBF partners with Road Haulage Association (RHA)

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SBF partners with Road Haulage Association (RHA) 

At Skipton Business Finance, we have been working closely with businesses in the haulage and logistics sector for over 20 years. We have supported hundreds of haulage businesses in their journeys by helping them access working capital, allowing them to grow and develop.

For this reason, we are extremely pleased to announce our partnership with the Road Haulage Association (RHA), as an associate member. The RHA is a member-led trade association which is dedicated to supporting people and businesses in the road transport industry.

They offer a voice for their members to work with governments, policy makers, and local authorities across the UK on the issues most important to them and campaign on a range of priorities, including changes to legislation, rising fuel costs, better roadside facilities, and the transition to a Net Zero transport system.


Why the RHA? 

As pioneers of the haulage and logistics industry, we have a vested interest in supporting the industry as a whole and want to support RHA in their mission to help those businesses grow, prosper, and find their voice. Invoice Finance can be very beneficial for businesses within the haulage and logistics sector as it allows them to benefit from additional working capital to invest in vehicles, keep on top of fuel and tax payments, and focus on achieving their business aims without cashflow pressure.


What will the partnership look like?

Members of the RHA can expect to see us at various commercial vehicle shows throughout the year, where we will be informing and educating haulage leaders on financial options for their businesses, specifically how Invoice Finance could support their business plans. We will also be getting involved in a number of informative editorial pieces within their Roadway magazine, with messages around sustainability, trends for the haulage industry and funding advice for haulage businesses.


Invoice Finance for Haulage businesses

An Invoice Finance facility with Skipton Business Finance can help haulage businesses plug any cashflow gaps throughout the month. Businesses can gain access to up to 90% of their outstanding invoices immediately, without having to wait for your customers to pay them for their services. We don’t offer a ‘one size fits all’ approach and , instead, tailor our Invoice Finance solutions to each individual business, ensuring they are matched with the right facility for them

What are the benefits for haulage businesses?

- An improved cashflow means you will be able to meet fuel costs and keep your vehicles moving to meet the demands of your customers quickly and efficiently.

- Upfront access to your money means that you can meet important responsibilities such as employee wages, fuel and vehicle costs.

- You have the option to hand over the responsibility of chasing customer payments so you can concentrate on other areas of business.

- An Invoice Finance facility will grow in line with your business’s success, so you do not need to worry about the traditional restraints of funding options such as a bank overdraft.

- We understand that not every business will feel comfortable disclosing their association with an Invoice Finance provider which is why there are many confidential options available. This means your customer does not need to know of your involvement with us whilst you receive the benefits of a consistent working capital.

We are looking forward to this ongoing relationship with RHA and the support it will give to haulage businesses across the UK. Keep a look out for our shared content and we hope to see some of you at the commercial vehicle shows soon.