Meet The Skipton Business Finance Team!

29th May 2024

Chan-Virk - -Regional-Sales-Director.jpg We believe that our clients are never just a number in our database, and neither are our colleagues, which is why we want to share this opportunity to showcase the people behind Skipton Business Finance. We are proud to say that there are people with years of experience behind every answer that you receive.

In this series of snapshots of the team, we want to highlight the human aspect that makes Skipton so successful. You can look forward to meeting the rest of the team, both behind the scenes and customer facing, in upcoming articles.


Introducing Chan Virk

Today we shine the spotlight on Chan Virk! We had a delightful chat with Chan, Regional Sales Director and our newest member in the Birmingham team.


Q: Hello Chan. Please can you describe what you do at Skipton Business Finance? 

Chan: My job is to help SME owners with their cashflow requirements, giving them an opportunity to grow and succeed in their business.


Q: A bit of pressure with some quick-fire questions? 

Favourite food: Junk food 

Favourite movie: Matrix (the first one) 

Favourite city you have visited: Belek in Turkey beautiful golf courses everywhere!


Q: What is the best thing about working at Skipton Business Finance? 

Chan: My approach prioritizes keeping things smooth and straightforward, with a strong focus on delivering solutions tailored to the client's needs. At SBF, our business model enables this approach by minimizing administrative barriers.


Q: Describe a colleague you enjoy working with. 

Chan: Jim Furey – he has been very patient whilst I learn the ropes and takes 50 calls a day from me with equanimity!


Q: A life motto you go by and how it helps you.

Chan: Whatever you believe with conviction becomes your reality.


We really enjoyed taking this opportunity to get to know Regional Sales Director Chan and we hope you did too. It’s thanks to the diverse skills and great contribution to team members like Chan that we are able to deliver the high-quality service that you expect from Skipton.


We look forward to introducing other members of the team in upcoming articles.