Government launches 'Get Ready' Brexit campaign

The government has launched an information campaign urging the public to ‘get ready’ for Brexit. The campaign launched on Sunday, beginning with the introduction of the website. The tax-payer funded campaign is said to rack up costs of up to £100m and will include billboards, social media adverts and TV adverts in the upcoming weeks.  British citizens who plan to travel to Europe as well as businesses who export to the EU are among the number of groups targeted by the campaign. Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, Michael Gove, said making sure that the UK is prepared for its exit from the EU is “not only a matter of national importance, but a shared responsibility,"  "This campaign will encourage the country to come together to Get Ready for Brexit on 31 October". This statement followed recent polling data which showed that only 50% of the UK population thought it was likely that the UK would leave the EU on 31 October. The same research also found that 42% of small-to-medium sized businesses remained unsure on how to prepare for Brexit.  The slogan ‘Get ready for Brexit’ made its first appearance on an advertising screen next to a John Lewis store at the Westfield shopping centre in Stratford.  The information campaign aims to encourage the public to visit the above website and read advice and guidance on preparing for Brexit. Users can fill in a questionnaire and receive results which suggest how to begin preparations. The advice has information focused both on businesses and organisations, and individuals and families. There will be 'how to' videos and step by step guides so that, whether you are a small business owner, haulier or EU citizen living in the UK, the actions you need to take will be made clear.    This is not the first campaign of this type. Dutch port operators launched a website in January with the same name, offering guidance to UK businesses on the risks of a disorderly Brexit. 

The government suggests that members of the public make a conscious effort to read up on the guidance provided on the newly launched website.