Learn more about our Kelsey

How old are you?I am 21 years young soon to be 22!

Where do you within within SBF?I currently work as an Operations Support Executive and I have worked here since I left Sixth Form with a nine month gap as I went travelling. I also model and do TV extra work when I have time which is lots of fun. I also help out at The Tanning Station in Oakworth and have done since I was 16! In return I get free spray tans which is a bit of an addiction of mine... maybe I should keep this a secret!

What is your professional background?I left school and continued onto Sixth Form where I studied Geography, Health & Social and Design. From there, I started here at Skipton Business Finance where I have stayed ever since.

What do you do at SBF?Here at Skipton Business Finance I have my own client base and I look after their sales ledger. My job is to gain payments for all due invoices. I also generally look after the accounts and liaise with the client.

What are your primary responsibilities?My responsibilities are to meet my collection targets, make sure my clients are happy and make sure each account I look after is up to date! I also have to make sure there are no problems with each account.

What's the best thing about your job?The best thing about my job I would have to say is the people!

What was your childhood ambition?My childhood ambitions….. well I had many! I wanted to be: A chef, a vet, a pilot, a make-up artist and a police woman!

What are your hobbies?My hobbies are not very interesting!! I like seeing my friends, spending time with boyfriend and family, shopping (LOTS OF THAT), and generally socializing.

Favourite Film?Dirty Dancing & Pretty Woman!!!!!! I can’t pick between them!

Favourite Food? Olives!

Favourite Ice Cream?Any kind of Vanilla!

Favourite alcoholic drink?Gin & Tonic with Ice & Lemon!

Is the glass half full or half empty?My glass is always half full!!!

You wouldn't know it by looking at me but...Well considering I love having spray tans and I’m a very girly girl, you may not know I am actually a Purple Belt in Karate!