Young Apprentice – Week Six Appraisal

Week Six of the Young Apprentice was the classic negotiation challenge. As seen in most series of its older sibling, the Apprentice, this task was back to see just how good the candidates were at locating and negotiating the cheapest price possible for goods.

The team were brought to Madame Tussaud’s to be informed of the task, as the products they were required to source were clothing and accessories for the waxwork models.

Candidates were mixed around again, as Haya became the project manager of Kinetic whilst Lizzie was given the reigns of Atomic.

Team Kinetic

Haya was chosen as project manager for Kinetic due to her knowledge of London, and instantly, she got the team to shuffle over to the areas in London she was familiar with.

Strategy wasn’t clear amongst the quartet (which included Harry H, Zara and James), as they went from shop to shop hoping to make a lucky break or two.

One item which proved difficult to source (for both teams) was a male suit with a 34-inch chest. Haya hit the jackpot in a market though and was able to tick the tricky item off the list.

Seven of the 10 items on the list were located by the team, with the elusive ‘Dashiki’ a west African dress (apparently) proving to be the biggest headache for Haya.

Team Atomic

Atomic decided to spend a bit of time locating some of items back in the house, making use of Sugar’s collection of Yellow Pages to decent effect (Google was off limits of course!)

However, some of the planning left a lot to be desired, as Atomic headed all the way to Croydon just to locate a pocket watch, before than spending a three figure sum on the item.

Further poor decision making by the team included the idea to try and source the suit from Saville Row, home of luxurious and expensive suit boutiques.

One success recorded by Atomic late on was the purchase of a Dashiki, spotted in a shop on the ride back to Madame Tussaud’s.

Atomic only managed to tick six items of the list, would this prove to be their downfall?

Extortionate prices

Both teams were fairly confident going into the boardroom, as Zara took delight in her discovery of the Dashiki whilst Haya and James had managed to source a number of items at the last minute. However, only Kinetic were correct to be confident, as Sugar announced a resounding win for the team. The difference in costs was a whopping £500 between the teams; it wasn’t even a close call in the end as Atomic were shown to have floundered.

All of team Atomic played their part in delivering a dismal result as various items were bought for excessive amounts of money. But it was Hayley who was given the boot, as her failure to stamp any sort of authority in week six’s task proved the telling factor.

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