Who do our clients choose us?

Put simply, it’s because of our overall ethos and how we approach client-management which is very much focussed on understanding their clients’ businesses and assisting in creating wealth and jobs in the regions, rather than purely for profit.

It may sound a bit fluffy, but it’s an ethos that we very much regard here at Skipton Business Finance and our entire business-model is geared towards this ethos. Clients often highlight the impressive ‘people-orientation’ of the business and laude the quality of the staff that they deal with on a day-to-day basis.

With no expensive shareholder dividends to pay, our ethos naturally leads to a partnership approach with our clients and a specifically-designed internal structure whereby the client can enjoy close and personable relationships with highly trained and experienced staff as well as systems and processes designed to better the experience of its interaction with the financier.

Our Relationship Managers really are the heroes of the business but from top to tail we smoothly integrate the experience and expertise of our senior staff and management throughout all of our operations – we really do believe that we house the most dedicated and first-rate employees in the entire industry. And we’re even happy to put you in touch with our clients to get testimony on this!

Being a leading receivables financier, with offices in Skipton, Leeds, Manchester and Birmingham isn’t easy but our award-winning service backs up our claim to be the best in the business. Also, by being a wholly owned subsidiary of the Skipton Group, a mutual that has been serving its members for over 150 years, our ethos is backed up by one of the country’s leading building societies.

Skipton Business Finance has been operating successfully for over 10 years and has the strength of more than 50 personnel and an executive board of highly-regarded industry experts.

What does the future hold for Skipton Business Finance and its clients?

The future looks rosy! Skipton Business Finance continues to be a UK-leading financier in the invoice finance market and is keen to maintain its position as a major, client-focussed organisation in the UK. We will continue to grow and develop our client-oriented business model whilst entering into new geographical areas through acquisition and natural expansion.

So if you’re wondering whether or not to join us in our journey, and be part of a client-focussed organisation that takes pride in knowing their business, then give us a ring today and we’ll be more than happy to discuss your business finance wants!