UK SMEs fear impact of postal rate change

Following yesterday’s introduction of new increased postal rates, many SMEs fear for what the price hike will do to their business.

More than four in five SMEs, responding to a survey by mailing solutions firm Pitney Bowes, believe it will negatively impact upon their business.

15% were now considering moving to a franking machine to avoid the impact of the increased rates, whilst close to half are looking to send less post or changing the way they communicate.

But more worryingly, 7% fear for the very survival of their business due to the rising costs.

Phil Hutchinson, marketing director for Pitney Bowes UK, said, “It’s important that businesses don’t panic and abandon physical mail in a bid to avoid high postage rates; physical mail still has an important part to play.

“Although digital communications undoubtedly have their place, traditional print campaigns are still critical for most businesses and are likely to remain so for many years to come", he concluded.