UK government urged to drop fuel taxes

FairFuelUK, a campaign aimed at getting taxes on fuel decreased, yesterday delivered a letter to 10 Downing Street asking for two proposals to help towards its overall goal of decreasing the price of fuel at the pumps.

It wants the government to:

  • Look into why pump prices aren’t falling when the price of oil decreases.
  • Abandon the planned January 2012 fuel duty rise, which could add 4p per litre to the price of fuel.

The campaign, endorsed by both the Road Haulage Association and the Freight Transport Association, is also coordinating a petition to deliver to the government.

About yesterday’s events, the FTA’s Chief Executive Theo de Pencier said, "Today has been about bringing the critical issue of rising fuel prices to the very heart of government. The cross party support we have amassed shows there is a real political appetite for fuel tax reform and that this is matched in constituencies around the country.”

"Fuel is the biggest single cost for transport operators and unless the government acts to relieve the pressure faced by hauliers and other businesses we could be in danger of seeing more redundancies and more insolvencies in this beleaguered sector."

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