UK businesses positive for long-term future, says latest research

Whilst there have been many negative economic developments emerging in the last few weeks, the long term future of business in the UK is looking rosier, according to research released today by Barclays Corporate.

664 business leaders were asked about how positive they were for business in 2021 and the conditions businesses would face.

Respondents were on the whole positive, with almost two-thirds saying they expected conditions to be similar than today or better. 29% felt that conditions would be worse and business would be tougher.

Opinions varied between regions, as under half of London businesses were positive, compared to Northern Irish and Scottish businesses, where more than two-thirds of businesses stated optimistic views.

There were also differences between sectors, with retailers the most pessimistic and tech sector businesses the most confident.

UK businesses felt foreign investors will be increasing over the next 10 years, with almost 8 in 10 predicting more companies to be owned by foreign investors in 2021.