UK businesses have potential for ‘high growth’

One in 10 of the UK’s small businesses have real potential to achieve high growth status, a new study by the National Endowment for Science, Technology and Arts (NESTA) has revealed.

The study, which surveyed almost 5,000 small businesses up and down the UK, determined that 13% display all the key characteristics of high growth enterprises, including innovation, ambition and a strong ownership structure. This cohort of business would therefore have the chance to show real, strong growth.

But common, long-standing reasons for growth to be inhibited also emerged from the study. 16% of those highlighted for high growth indicated that access to finance was a real problem, whilst 14% and 11% were concerned with inter-sector competition and red tape.

The chief executive of NESTA, Geoff Mulgan, felt that conditions must be improved to allow businesses with high growth potential to really push on, and in the process, help boost the economy, “Creating the right conditions for these businesses could make all the difference to our chances of creating plenty of new jobs in the years ahead.”

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