Transport sector sees output fall in April – don’t let cashflow issues hold you down!

The transport and storage sector saw a 0.7% fall in output during April, it was revealed by the Office of National Statistics (ONS) yesterday.

Other sectors also recorded decreased output, with the service sector seeing its biggest contraction in 15 months, with a drop of 1.2% being recorded. The hotel and restaurant category fared better, seeing a 0.9% rise in output.

The ONS said that the figures were affected by the royal wedding as well as the unusually hot and dry weather recorded across the country. Some economists were less sure that the fall in output could be blamed on these factors, and said the figures were worrying for the second-quarter GDP growth prospects.

Hauliers in the UK often experience cash flow crunches when there is a drop in output, whilst having to purchase increasingly expensive fuel and pay staff long before they receive the money for their work.

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