Supermarkets petrol price war welcomed by RHA

News of some of the largest retailers in the UK announcing price cuts on petrol has been welcomed by the Road Haulage Association.

Reports suggest that the UK’s largest retailer, Tesco as well as Morrisons have already made the decision to cut pump prices by 2p a litre. ASDA is also set to follow suit as a price war becomes ignited.

These price cuts come as oil prices were said to have dropped by 12 per cent inside the last month alone.

Although the move was supported by the RHA, it was also noted that because of the size of most heavy good vehicles, hauliers do not have permission to use supermarket forecourts and thus cannot take advantage of the reduction in prices.

Spokesman for the RHA, Geoff Dunning said it was ‘imperative’ that the UK sees further reductions in cost of petrol, totalling at least 5p a litre, to ensure that the drops in cost of oil were passed on to motorists and hauliers alike.

"When the price rises we have no choice but to bite the bullet and pay up. Equally, when the price comes down, we expect to see that reflected at the pump too," Dunning concluded.