SMEs overlooking government economic predictions

The vast majority of SMES are disregarding official government economic forecasts, a new survey has revealed, despite lingering uncertainty over UK economy.

More than nine in 10 (92%) SME respondents will not use the data in planning processes and decision-making.

58% of those ignoring government forecasts claim that such predictions were not relevant to their business, whilst just under a third felt that the data was not reliable and trustworthy enough.

Further data from the study showed how respondents were happy to go it alone when it comes to critical business decision-making, with 83% not feeling it necessary to seek advice from external sources in 2012.

As small businesses and SMEs have so far managed to cope with economic misery well in 2012, it’s no wonder that small business and SME directors feel best-placed to make decisions on their own without the need to consult others.

But sometimes, if your business needs a hand with its cashflow, it can make sense to seek out an external funding solution.

Invoice Finance for SMEs

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