SME owners increasingly injecting personal cash into companies

SMEs are seeing more and more personal investments from their owners, new research has revealed.

750 small businesses across the UK were surveyed by Make It Cheaper and the Centre for Economic and Business Research, with many owners revealing personal cash and capital has had to be invested in the last year to enable survival.

Almost half of those surveyed have used personal overdrafts or bank loans to supplement company finance, with 13% deeming it necessary to re-mortgage their homes.

Many small businesses are feeling the pinch as costs rise due to unprecedented levels of inflation and access to traditional sources of finance becomes more and more limited.

Invoice Finance the solution?

Whereas traditional sources of funding are proving harder and harder to gain access to in 2011, invoice finance facilities work differently.

Our financial products, which include invoice factoring and invoice discounting, are more flexible and accessible, allowing our clients to get cash for their unpaid invoices quickly.

If you’re an SME owner looking for a funding option which doesn’t put your own personal finances at risk, why not give one of our award-winning staff a call today to see what we can offer you.