Public back cut in fuel duty

Three times as many people are in favour of a fuel duty cut over a restoration of the 10p tax income band, pressure body FairFuelUK has revealed. In a poll carried out following Labour’s announcement that it would bring back the 10p band, the majority felt a 14p cut in fuel duty would be more beneficial to the economy. Spokesman for FairFuelUK, Quentin Willson, felt that the Chancellor should seriously consider the overriding view of the public in the upcoming budget. “If nearly 40 percent of the population say they prefer a 14p fuel duty cut to a reintroduction of the 10p tax band then democracy should take its course”, Willson suggested. Andy Grantham, Sales & Marketing Director for Skipton Business Finance, said: “We’ve supported hauliers for 12 years now and know how much of a headache fuel prices continue to cause for this hard-hit sector”. “If fuel duty was to come down, it would give hauliers a big boost and consequently reignite many shelved growth plans, in turn benefitting the wider economy as a whole”, he concluded.