New prompt payment culture urged

A universal culture of prompt payments need to be adopted across the UK to help businesses help themselves, according to business body the Confederation of British Industry (CBI). Currently more than £30billion is owed to UK enterprise, with each business owed on average £31,000. But despite this being down on the £36billion reportedly owed in January last year, further steps could be taken to reduce the impact of the issue on the private sector. With the economic recovery in the UK now in full swing, the CBI has said that small businesses and SMEs would benefit from having positive cashflow to enable them to grow and prosper. The following recommendations were made by the CBI:

  • All businesses should publish payment policies
  • Maximum payment terms
  • 'Upper tier’ or gold standard for companies part of the Prompt Payment Code, for businesses that pay in even shorter time frames
  • Utilisation of online finance platforms by big businesses
  • Clearer definition of terms in contract law, giving small businesses greater confidence when negotiating payment terms

CBI’s Director for Competitive Markets, Matthew Fell, said: “Most companies agree and stick to fair payment terms but we need to create a culture of prompt payment in all businesses.” “It’s unacceptable that many firms are being held back from growing and creating jobs because they are owed thousands of pounds”, he concluded.

Invoice Finance for Cashflow Assistance

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