LinkedIn growing fast as it reaches almost 6 million UK members

LinkedIn has seen over 2 million new Britons join the site over the course of the last 9 months, according to LinkedIn Training, as its popularity amongst SMEs and its employees increases rapidly and its UK membership shoots up to almost 6 million.

The Alexa Rankings, an online source which shows the rankings of all websites, tells us that currently LinkedIn is in fact the 16th most popular website in the world, as well as the 12th most popular website in the UK.

With 100 million members across the world, LinkedIn is fast becoming a key player in the social media market, as well as taking the crown of B2B no. 1! Almost 10 million of its members are based in the Finance industry, second only to employees with high-tech companies.

What also makes LinkedIn differ from your standard social media site is the age of its users. More than 7 in 10 members are aged between 25-54, with just 2 in 10 being under the age of 24. Anecdotal evidence indicates that between 40-45% of LinkedIn members are decision-makers at their company.

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