Invoice Finance Arranged - Wholesaler: £40k Invoice Discounting Facility

Another business funded with an Invoice Discounting facility!

At the start of another year, we’re delighted to be able to announce the details of one of our first new clients in 2013:

The company, based in Manchester, had been searching for a business finance facility that could help them gain access to their cash quicker, as debtors were taking longer and longer to settle the value of their invoices.

We wish our newest client all the success in the world.

Get your finances right for 2013

As we probably all know from experience, numerous New Year’s resolutions are made and consequently broken within a few weeks of the start of any given year.

Going on this philosophy, it may seem like merely a token gesture in the current business climate to commit to solidifying your business’ finances with an external funding facility, as bank overdrafts and loans have become increasingly hard to access.

However, alternatives such as invoice finance are emerging as viable options for businesses needing a long-term flexible solution to keep cashflow high.

We like to make things crystal clear and simple at Skipton Business Finance, so why not give us a call today on 01756 694933 to find out whether invoice finance could work for your business.