Invoice Finance Arranged - Temporary Recruitment Agency: £50k Factoring

Another business funded with an invoice factoring facility!

Skipton Business Finance is pleased to announce the details of a new client:

The firm, based in Lancashire, required a Solution that would help fund its unpaid Invoices upfront, getting the cash they've already earned into their account quickly. With an Invoice Factoring solution from Skipton Business Finance, they now benefit from being able to unlock up to 90% of monies they are owed within 24 hours of issuing an invoice. 

The company can now focus more of their time on growing sales and increasing the profitability of the business.

Get your finances in order for winter

Now more than ever, Companies across the UK have a myriad of alternative funding solutions available to them such as peer-to-peer lending and invoice finance Solutions.

Invoice finance is one such solution which works especially well for businesses that issue invoices, as it essentially speeds up the process of getting funds into a business through the unlocking of cash that gets tied up in unpaid invoices.

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